A Few of the Top Pacific Northwest Breweries

Millions of people will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the next few months for the holidays (and the skiing!) and they’ll be facing some more of those wilder-than-normal weather patterns as well.  Don’t let the rainy mix keep you indoors – here are some of our favroite Pacific Northwest breweries. Check them out if you’re in the area, they’re worth a drive!
Two Beers Brewing Co. – Seattle, WA - If you find yourself in the Industrial Disctrict of downtown Seattle, Two Beers Brewing is a spot that you need to check out especially this time of year. Two Beers Brewing just released a couple of their wildly popular seasonal beers: Hearth Winter Warmer and their wildly popular Jive Espresso Stout. Keeping with Seattle’s claim to fame, their Jive Epresso Stout is brewed with locally produced Kuma beans which contributes to that “holy cow!” aroma.  If you’re planning a Friday visit, you’re in luck: food trucks. You’ll also have to plan a return trip sometime during the warmer months for the killer outdoor seating.

You’ll love the beer, the vibe and the regulars so much that you’ll probably have a hard time not coming back at least a few more times. Founder and head brewer, Joel VandenBrink, is incredibly talented and if you’re lucky, you may find him in the bar (tell him Hoppy Press sent you!). Why Two Beers? As the motto on the Two Beers Brewing Co. website says, “life is just a little more honest after two beers.”

Picture Upright Brewing – North Portland, OR -    You may have heard of Upright before from their popular numbered and themed beer series. Upright takes advantage of the unique weather and growing characterisitcs of the Pacific NW by incorporating a healthy amount of locally sourced grains and farm grown hops . Stop by their tasting room and sample their Engelberg Pilsener (4.75%) or one of their popular, rotating seasonal specials.  They’re known for their Belgians, not so much for their IPAs, but they did brew a traditional, American-style IPA earlier this year. Upright Brewing does an amazing job and they’re only getting better. Not only are we sure that you’ll discover something both delicious and a bit different, you can’t help but enjoy the ambiance (someone descibed it as “bat cave-y”). It’s a nice place to go on a rainy day.
  • Location: 240 N Broadway, Portland, OR
  • Tasting Room:  Fridays 4:30 – 9:00 pm,  Sat and Sun, 1:00 – 6:00 pm
  • Web http://www.uprightbrewing.com

 Ninkasi Brewery – Eugene, OR - While it’s only been around for six or seven years now, Ninkasi Brewery has developed quite the following. You may be wondering, “what’s with the name?” and fortunately, we can provide you the answer: Ninkasi is the ancient Sumerian goddess of brewing. To say that Ninkasi Brewing Co. is “getting popular” would be an understatement. When they first started out, they were producing about 1,500 barrels per year. They’re now producing over 30,000 barrels with no slow down in sight.You many not be too familiar with the name of the brewery, but does the name Total Domination IPA ring a bell? That’s them! Again, this is another great place to stop in for a brew during the warm weather when you can sit outside and also enjoy the fire pit.  What do we recommend? The tasting tray, of course!

  • Location: 272 Van Buren St., Eugene, OR
  • Tasting Room: Sun – Wed, Noon – 9:00PM and Thurs – Sat, Noon – 1oPM
  • Web: http://www.ninkasibrewing.com/

Think that I missed out on a must-see brewery? Have any recommendations for brewery #4? Leave a comment below.

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