4 Breweries That Are Making Gorgeous Cans

If you would have told me ten years ago that craft beers would soon be widely available in cans, I would have thought that you were crazy (I probably also would have asked you to buy me beer seeing as I was only 18). As it turns out, a lot of microbreweries are now turning to the trusty aluminum can for their “bottling”.

While many people used to associate cans with cheap beer and that distinct metallic taste, we’re now getting used to seeing some of our favorite beers in cans. Not only has the technology advanced to where that “tang” flavor is virtually non-existent, but canned beer offers a few other benefits over the traditional bottle. Cans are lighter than bottles (which make them a lot more appropriate for activities like camping and rafting), there’s no risk of breakage, they keep beer fresher, and are generally easier to recycle.

As design enthusiasts, we here at Hoppy Press are also huge fans of the amazing designs that are coming out of the craft beer can scene. The 360-degree canvas is a welcome change to the traditional brown bottle. Here are 4 breweries that are particularly nice to look at.


21st Amendement Brewery – San Francisco, CA

I’m such a huge fan of the 21st Amendment Brewery’s artwork. All of their canned beers are adorned with a unique illustration that really captures the spirit of the brew inside.

Anyone on the East Coast knows how hard it is to find 21A beer. When I do see it in stores, it’s almost a must-buy just because of how attractive the packaging is. Of course, it helps that they also make some really delicious beer. These guys have style, inside and out.

Surly Brewing Co. – Brooklyn Center, MN

Surly’s motto says it all: “Beer for a glass, from a can”.

Surly’s beers are not for the faint of heart. They pride themselves on brewing complex, flavorful beers and are one of the leaders in the craft beer canning renaissance. This may be one of the reasons why they have such a devoted following. What I love about their cans (other than the beer inside of them), is the consistency throughout the line. It reminds me a lot of the bottles from Rogue, where they’re all different but also all the same.

Six Point Craft Ales – Brooklyn, NY

Sixpoint Craft Ales is a relative newcomer to the world of canned craft beer. Although they were founded back in 2004, they didn’t start canning their beers until mid-2011.

Their Sweet Action is one of those beers that you’re just grateful to have access to. While a lot of breweries play it safe with their in-store varieties, Sixpoint definitely took a bit of a risk here. Straight from their website: “Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale- all Sweet Action.” Definitely pick up a four-pack if you get a chance.

All of their 16 oz. cans are also beautifully designed and definitively Brooklyn.

Oskar Blues Brewery – Longmont, CO

How can you not love a brewery that has a beer called Old Chub?

No list of great canned beer would be complete without mentioning Oskar Blues out of Colorado. Their Dale’s Pale Ale is a landmark beer in the American beer revival: hoppy and proud. They’re also not afraid to mention that they’re the first American craft brewery to can their beers. I’m certain that a lot of other breweries looked to Oskar Blues when they made the decision to can their beers. They’re like the Beatles of canned beer… or something.

If you ever see that distinctive red and blue can of Dale’s Pale, be sure to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Any other canned craft beers that you guys appreciate? Leave a comment below!


  1. You forgot Tallgrass brewing company in Manhattan KS. They make some really neat looking cans, check out their 8-bit pale ale can, really cool.

  2. Southern Star Brewery has some great cans as well.

  3. angry_freddie

    couldn’t find an actual six point can?

  4. Ft George in Astoria Oregon has great cans.

  5. Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis also has some really awesome looking cans. Not surprised they aren’t on the list as they don’t distribute outside the Indy metro.

  6. While not quite as pretty as some of those cans, in Astoria, Oregon is making some cool cans.

  7. I love the Surly’s beers and the cans!

  8. New England Brewery is making great looking cans for great tasting beer.

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